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Orbit Interactive specializes in enhancing your brand and driving results. We have launched over 15,000 digital campaigns, and helped generate over 70 million dollars in revenue.

Our client list includes some of the largest media companies and agencies as well as the most savvy local businesses. Shift your brand-building efforts into overdrive with Orbit Interactive.

Orbit Interactive has partnered with some of the largest media companies in the United States. We’ve helped more than 300 television and radio stations achieve phenomenal results and generate millions in additional digital revenue.”

Media Groups

We love all our agency partners and they love us. Why? It’s super easy to get to warp speed in both the money-making and customer satisfaction departments. You pay attention to your customers, and we pay attention to your digital campaigns. Together we deliver results.


From targeted display to building websites to SEO and beyond, Orbit Interactive offers a full digital suite of the latest digital advertising solutions. We will work with you to build brand awareness and drive sales–all at wholesale prices.


Building Connections With Your Audience

Digital advertising is complex. Strategies, metrics, technologies, behavioural analysis… and it all takes time. But don’t despair: Orbit Interactive offers expertise with next-generation technology to locate and connect you with your audience. Once we know where they are, we implement strategies to grab their attention with the click of a mouse. We work with you to pack your message with magnetic messages that both sells and compels. Let Orbit Interactive’s seasoned digital experts and their deep understanding of the industry build campaigns that drive sales. We’ll help turn your customers into raving fans of your brand.

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What We Do?

Find out more about our services, a mixture of work and passion

We Make Amazing Media Plans

Each of our media plans have a unique concept that will generate you the most bang for you buck


Our in-depth understanding of consumer behavior is helping us break new ground in the digital advertising world. We employ a multi-layered targeting approach that is in tune with the consumer decision-making process: first awareness, then interest, through the research phase to intent… and then purchase. We help them get to purchase.

The marketing plan we create specially for you will include strategic integration of many targeting methods to ensure your brand message attracts your target audience. Right message = right people at the right time.


When you create a business it must speak for itself to be heard. We can assure you that your business will have an amazing digital presence and will deliver the message you want

Direct Response

Direct response marketing has been used to connect with consumers for decades. Our team will help you generate quality lead.

Creative Design

Make an awesome first impression and give a boost to your business with our UI/UX design techniques!


Use the search engines to advertise your website or business to Internet customers and send a more targeted traffic to your website.


If you want to conduct business on the Internet you need to be visible in organic searches. Our SEO Experts will work with you on establishing and accomplishing your business’s goals


Reach precision-targeted business prospects in a cost-effective way.


At Orbit Interactive, we are passionate about our work. Your work. We are driven by driving your success, online, front line and every time. We eat, breathe and live everything digital so that you don’t have to.

What Our Clients Say

“I couldn’t be happier with the team at Orbit Interactive. They will go out of their way to make sure their clients are happy.”

Ethan Ross

“Orbit interactive will go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of.”

Jessica Thompson

“I love working with Orbit interactive. They are knowledgeable and have excellent customer service.”

Michelle Johnson

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